EXCEL PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Excel Spring Super Showcase 2016-San Antonio



Cameron De La Pena- Corpus Christi Bruins Cameron is a savvy point guard that is a pass first shoot second type of guard. He see’s the floor better than anybody in the 6th grade division. De La Pena can score too. He averaged 13.6 ppg to go along with his 10.2 assists this weekend. Excel staff couldn’t stop talking about the brilliant back court plays he made all weekend.

Janie Daniels- San Antonio Lightning  Janie is brilliant around the basket. A combination of great foot work and strength made her near impossible to stop this weekend. A demanding 8.4 rebounds per game helped her team secure the championship.

Claire Hale-Alamo City Shock Claire being a 9th grader playing in the JV girls division this weekend showed no sign of being young.  Her overall scoring and length drove opponents and coaches crazy as they looked for ways to stop the youngster. Her 14.5 ppg and 5.2 rpg were the dominant performance in this weekends division.

Victor Perales-San Antonio Sun Devils Big Vic was bigger than life this weekend. Often the biggest man on the floor in the 8th grade division, his game is much more guard oriented. Big Vic is one of the best shooters and slashers we have seen in a body so big.  This causes match up nightmares for 8th grade opponents. His stats don’t lie. Against some of the best teams and players in the area Victor put up 18.7 ppg along with 7.1 rpg.

Damien West-Houston Trailblazers Damien patterns his game after Portland Trailblazer All-Pro Damian Lillard and you can see why. This 4th grader has the coldest handles I have seen in a player his age. He is an instant press break as he weaves and cuts threw defenders. Coaches always say that a dominant point guard will always lead to success. Look for a bright future in this young man. His stats for the weekend included 9.3 ppg along with 7.9 apg.

Dayton Booker-Gulf Coast Magic Dayton hands down was my guy this weekend. Surrounded by tons of talent, he found a way to make his teammates better.  His court sense is hands down so good that every spectator in the gym this weekend was buzzing about this elite point guard.  I couldn’t take my eye off him when the rock was in his hand. What would he do next? A no look dime to a cutting teammate? A step back jumper with his opponent tightly covering him? A slashing layup at the basket?  This 8th grader can do everything and his stats this weekend prove it. 16.3 ppg and 12.1 apg! WOW!!!!

Xavier Kirk-Hardwork 2023 The X Man is the true eraser at the basket. Nobody is scoring on this young man. Blessed with length, athletic ability, and timing; this young man does everything on the defensive end.  He also is a great offensive re bounder and while he isn’t even close to his potential on the offensive end yet, the kid can finish at the basket. He is an anchor for probably one of the top teams in Texas and the country. We don’t track blocks but if we did the numbers would be huge. 8.6 rpg along with 7.9 ppg are no slouch either.

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