EXCEL PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Excel Fiesta Hoopfest 2016-San Antonio

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Marcus Varela-SA Mustangs 2020-8th Grade Boys Varela was part of one of the best championship games Excel has seen in a while. A highly competitive contest came down to a free throw by Varela.  With the score tied and 3.4 seconds left, Varela knocked down the second of two free throws to make his team the champions. Ice water runs threw Marcus Varela’s veins!!!!!!

Lindsey Ramos-Austin FTV-Junior Varsity Girls  Ramos showed Saturday that she is as good of a shooter as anybody in this weekends event. The Del Vale product went 7 of 8 from the arc in the Rose American championship game finishing with 28 points.  Showing Curry like range she is able to knock down shots from all over the floor.  Her sharp shooting allowed her teammates a wide open lane to attack the rim.

Christopher May- Port Arthur Warriors- Junior Varsity Boys  Two weekends ago in Austin Excel was blessed to see the #33 9th grader in the country in Chris Harris of Dallas.  This weekend we saw the #25 ranked 9th grader according to ScoutFocus in Christopher May.  The Houston (Port Arthur) product does just about everything for his team.  His length and speed makes him a great rebounder and defender from the guard position. But his court savvy is what makes him a coaches dream.  May plays like a veteran guard on the floor. FINAL STATS: 18.2 ppg, 7.2 apg, 2.1 spg.

Isaac Gonzalez- Texas Heat- 6th Grade Boys Young Isaac plays anything but young. The rolling and banging guard almost looks for contact.  Like Lebron James he thrives in contact and can get from baseline to baseline as fast as and guards he faces. You see a lot of players that have the physical attributes of Gonzalez but not very often do you see all those players finish at the basket with the pure accuracy of Issac.  Truly a fun player to watch, he dominates every aspect of the game.  As good of a offensive power that he is, he is just as good if better on the defensive end.  On one occasion he came out of nowhere to swat an opposing players ball into the stands almost making me fall out of my seat.    FINAL STATS: 23.1 ppg, 3.4rpg, 2.8 bpg

Josh Moreno- SA Fire- 6th Grade Boys Josh is sometimes overshadowed by the great Fire back court players but Sunday was the day for the big man.  Going up against a very solid front court in the championship against the SA Kings, Moreno scored 15 points and pulled down 9 rebounds.  His size clogged the lane making it hard for the Kings guards to get shots at the rim.  A couple clutch defensive possessions at the end of the game proved to be enough to lead his team to a championship.

Gabby Kouasonic- Somerville Attitude- 9th Grade Girls Gabby is used to dominating the paint.  That’s why the girls from Somerville have always been competitive. Sunday Gabby took her game to a another level controlling every board and also scoring big points in the paint.  Her game isn’t limited to down low. Gabby is also a deadly mid range shooter which makes her near impossible to stop.  Her play this weekend proved enough to take the Excel Cup back home. FINAL STATS: 14.1 ppg, 8.7 rpg

De Anthony- Alamo City Thunder- 8th Grade Boys  You might know De from the Gervin Academy where he led his school to a private school state championship. De’s Spring and Summer circuit ball is taking off to another level.  The long and lanky Anthony is a threat in every element of the game.  He plays hard! But what makes him such a great player to watch is his ability to put point up.  The young man had 28, 32, and 29 points in his three games Sunday.  We might have the next San Antonio all time leading scorer on our hands.

Jamie Ruede- Unite Skills Academy- 5th/6th Grade Girls Jamie was clutch in her teams dominance in Sunday’s girls division.  Her steady guard play led her to MVP Status and her team to a championship.  Jamie’s ability to survey the floor and make her teammates perform at their very best makes her so valuable to her Unite Skills Academy success. FINAL STATS: 8.2 ppg 5.8 apg 2.2 spg

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