Excel New Years Invitational Day 1 Recap




The 4th Anuual Excel New Years Invitational was full of great action at all the venues.  The Saturday night Varsity boys finale was arguably the most evenly matched.  With Radford Prep from Australia in town for a piece of San Antonio basketball, the gym was full of talent.  Thats why with one game remaining the San Antonio Bandits, San Antonio Warriors, San Antonio Thunder, and the Aussies of Radford Prep were all tied.  Only 2 teams would survive and then it would come down to who beat who in the previous two games.  The SA Warriors would take care of business quickly jumping in front of the San Antonio Bandits and getting a quick running clock. Led by Fabian Chavaria’s 34 points and Ethan White’s 24 points along with Dre Moody’s 7 assists, the Warriors knew what the stakes were going into their final game.  All they needed to win the championship was a SA Thunder victory over the Aussies of Radford Prep.  With the game going back and forth, outside shooting was hot for both teams.  Radford’s James Martin (18pts) was hot early but SA Thunder’s Jeremiah DeLuna (19 pts 5-7 3pt) answered every Aussie three with his own.  Ultamatly one player would have the entire division riding on one shot.  Wesley Lo of Radford Prep would take the quick inbound and take four dribbles and heive the ball at the rim from just inside half court.  As every person in the gym watched the ball banked in for the game winning basket and championship for the Aussies to take back home. Stay tuned for the article on the Radford Prep program.

With Radford Prep already taking a cup away from San Antonio, it would be up to two very successful programs from outside of San Antonio that would challenge the cities best players and teams.  First at 3pm at Factory of Champions the Mo City Ballers of Missouri City or Houston would challenge the powerhouse San Antonio Rebels. Both teams showed why they were the two best teams left in the division and the capacity crowd was treated to a showdown between Trey Perez (15pts 3 stls) of the SA Rebels and Chris Henderson (18pts) of the Mo City Ballers who went at each other all game.  Jani Solis (11pts, 7 assts) helped the Rebels build a comfortable lead as the game went on and the Rebels kept the Cup home.

Houston Mo City Ballers 6th Grade group would meet another out of town power in the very well coached Corpus Christi Bruins in Saturdays Orange American Division.  Mo City probably edged the Bruins in all five positions in athletic ability but the CC Bruins stayed steady and consistent led by Aidan Guerra (12 pts 3 reb) and steady guard play from Cam De la Pena (15 pts 7ass.) and advanced to play the SA Fire.  In the championship both Guerra (12 pts) and De La Pena (25 pts) controlled the action and showed that the best 6th grade boys basketball might be out of Corpus Christi.

Other Saturday Excel Cup Champions included the Red 3rd Grade Boys Champions Next Level Raiders, Blue 5th Grade Boys San Antonio Hardwork, Silver American 8th Grade Boys San Antonio Blue Devils Palma, and Gold Junior Varsity boys Texas Bulls.

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