Excel Big 4 Championships Recap


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All great years must come to an end. Excel Tournaments has hosted not only the best teams from Texas but the Southern United States, Mexico, and Australia. We celibate the year with the Big 4 Championships where the best four teams form every division converge on San Antonio for the chance to call themselves the best of the best.

The Green 4th Grade Division hosted the Ray Jackson Rising Stars out of Austin, San Antonio Rebels, San Antonio Blue Devils, and the Somerset Bulldogs.  The division would come down to 2 free throws to determine the placement. With the Rebels in the driving seat and 2-0 record going into their last game against the Ray Jackson Rising Stars, all the Rebels needed was a win. As the Blue Devils watched the outcome the Rising Stars needed a 7-point victory in order to place and the Blue Devils needed a 7-point loss for them to leap frog both the Rebels and Rising Stars into the championship. With the gym totally silent the Rising Stars sunk both free throws to finalize it. BIG4 CHAMPIONS:SA BLUE DEVILS

The Silver 8th Grade Division hosted San Antonio Hoops Elite, Austin Tri City Crusaders, San Antonio Cobras, and the San Antonio Mustangs 2020. Between this very talented organizations over 18 Excel Championships have been won this year. That is what the BIG4 Championships are about: getting them all in one gym for the showdown. The Championship came down to Hoops Elite and the Tri City Crusaders. The epic battle shifted both ways the entire game but it was Hoops Elite’s day this Saturday. BIG4 CHAMPIONS: SA HOOPS ELITE

The Amber 9th Grade Division hosted the Urban Kingz out of Houston, K Town All Stars out of Killeen, San Marcos Heat, and San Antonio Flight.  The K Town All Stars and Urban Kingz were the championship match up that the crowd at Factory of Champions was anticipating.  With one of the most athletic championships I have witnessed this year, the K Town All Stars proved to be a little too deep for the Urban Kingz. BIG4 CHAMPIONS: K TOWN ALL STARS

Other BIG4 Champions included the Blue Division 5th Grade San Antonio Blue Devils, Gold Division JV Division Texas Bulls, and Red Division 3rd grade boys San Antonio Blue Devils, Platinum Division Varsity boys SA Outlaws, Orange Division 6th Grade boys SA Hardwork, Purple Division 8th Grade Girls SA Hoops Elite, Lilac Division 5th/6th Grade Girls SA Lightning, Green Division 4th grade boys SA Blue Devils, and Bronze 7th Grade boys ATX Gym Rats.

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