2015 Excel Three Point Championships Shoot the Lights Out

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No All Star Weekend is successful without the three point showdown.  Since its introduction in 1979 the three point shot has become as popular in the game of basketball as the dunk.  Our kids can turn on the TV and see three point experts like Steph Curry score 48 points mostly from outside the arc. No surprise that their would be plenty of hot handed shooters Saturday Night.

Friday Nights three point qualifiers brought out more than 50 participants looking for a chance to participate in the championship Saturday Night.  After the dust settled only 16 participants remained.  In the First Round, San Antonio Hoops Elite’s Tanner Brown would lead the pack with a scorching 18 points followed by All In Basketball Club’s Joey Teske’s 14 points, Dominic Patino (SA Fire) 13 points, Jerek Schmittou (SA Fire) 12 points, Max Smith (Austin New Era) 10 points, DJ Robles (Laredo Rampage) 8 points, Isaiah Salazar (SA Fire) 6 points, and Nathan De La Garza (SA Blue Devils) 5 points

The First Round on the girls side was a close battle to advance with the San Antonio Outlaws Avalon Munoz leading with 15 points followed by Alexus Arroyos (SA Lightning) 13 points, Caitlyn Cron (Round Rock Lady Rockers) 12 points, Victoria Gamez (SA Lightning) 10 points, Madylyn Zavala (SA Outlaws) 9 points, Carley Altenburger (Round Rock Lady Rockers) 8 pts, Madeline Gomez (SA Outlaws) 8 points, and Sydney Ceciliano (SA Outlaws) 6 pts.

The Second Round stepped up the shootout with boys once again being led by Tanner Brown’s 19 points and two-way tie to advance between Joey Teske and Jerek Schmittou with 11 points.  Teske and Schmittou battled it out in crown pleasing fashion taking 3 extra rounds to determine who would advance. Schmittou would ultimately outlast Teske to advance to the semifinals.  On the girls side Avalon Munoz kept pace with the boys scoring 18 points followed by Caitlyn Cron’s 14 points.

With the Semifinals set Tanner Brown would prove to have the legs to outlast Jerek Schmittou and advance while Avalon Munoz would edge Caitlyn Cron to set up the Championship.

In the Championship Tanner Brown put on a Larry Bird type moment hitting 9 of his last 10 balls to  stop a late run by Avalon Munoz and set the record straight who was the hottest hand Saturday Night. Brown finished with 21 points in the final round with Avalon Munoz pouring in 16 points.

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